Straithe // B.Postnikoff


Describing yourself is hard, but this is probably pretty accurate:

“Brittany is a social robotics, privacy and security, and human-computer interaction researcher rooted in the University of Waterloo’s Cryptography, Security, and Privacy Lab. Her usual research pursuits stem from looking at a situation and asking, ‘but what happens when we add robots to this?’, or ‘what would the robots do?’. These questions have led to a research career in which Brittany studies the impacts of robots as social engineers, robot hacking, and IoT systems.”

When others describe me, they have been known to say:

“Brittany is a William Gibson character that has walked off the page”.

“Straithe: Idea factory and robot aficionado”.

“She is a graduate student by day, and a slightly more tired graduate student by night. Brittany enjoys entirely theoretical discussions about the best ways in which a hypothetical supervillain might cause the rapid development of key areas of technology. … and also, jellyfish”.

© Straithe // B.Postnikoff.